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My name is Alaleh. I am an initiate starseed, artist, astrologer, channeller, healer and key codes holder. I have lived in many parts of the world (Iran, United States, the Caribbean, Spain, India, France...) and my story is a long one. Along the way, I have gathered a number of tools that I would like to share with you.
In 2019, in support of the passage to a new era, I launched NoZamin as a platform to offer a novel programming of conferences, exhibitions, performances & workshops as well as guidance & healing sessions.
I am inviting you on a journey of awakening, transmutation, integration, alignment and self-healing : to discover your life path and reconnect to your higher self, to undo your karmic knots and transmute your shadow in order to raise your vibration. I am offering to be your guide and be on your side as long as you need.


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For passing from one era to another...
accept that the need for individual and collective change is a ‘fact’ 
we all have to cope with and resolve,
accept to abandon and transform the obsolete materialist model,
accept the necessary disappearance of arbitrary frontiers,
relativize religious models 
and belief systems inherited from the past,
allow for horizontal/non-hierarchical structures and organisations,
alleviate yourself from consuming, accumulating and unhealthy habits,
release codependent relations, renounce restoring the outdated, 
renounce building a modelled future,
stop relying on mechanical dynamics, avoid twists, 
let go of fears, 
undo karmic knots, laugh at singularity,
actively protect the environment and all sentient beings,
think for yourself, use your free will,
accept the notion of an empathetic humanity,
foster and rely on your own connectedness, be fully ‘present’,
foster consciousness,
foster harmony, 
foster the luminous, life, joy,
allow for transcendence, embrace ascension,
embrace unity of body, soul and spirit 
embrace unity of body, soul and spirit 
embrace unity of body, soul and spirit 



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